The Halong bay is one of the world's natural wonders and is also the most beautiful tourist destination which is located in Vietnam. It also features more than one thousand awesome limestone karsts and various islands sizes. It has different ecosystems which include the offshore coral reefs, the fresh water swamp forests, mangrove forests, small freshwater lakes and sandy beaches too. It also features coral which is found off the shore from the mainland itself. Most of the people believe that dragons once descended from heaven so that they could help the locals protect their homes by splitting of the jewels and even jade. These jewels and jade were spread to the ocean, and they ended up creating a natural fortress. However, most of them are represented as the lush green outcroppings. The best way that an individual can enjoy the wonders of the Halong is by taking advantage of one of the Halong Bay tours by visiting the area regularly. There is a lot of luxury that always gives the visitors a sense of the old world that was there before. The boats always float themselves for an art of work, whereby they feature brightly colored sails and intricate craftsmanship. Click here to get started with your Vietnam Vacation plans.

TheĀ  cruises Bai Tu Long Bay it's more of just floating on the bay for a few hours only. These cruises can last for two to three days whereby they help an individual to experience the whole area to the fullest. They also ensure that an individual has a taste of expertly through the Vietnamese in the elegant setting. They are also favorites of the couples who may want to enjoy while having a romantic weekend accompanied by a luxury setting. Having some fun on the sandy beaches is also great since an individual gets to experience the natural beauty of the stone formations, forests, and lakes which are scattered throughout the area. It's also an experience that will enable the individual to fully enjoy the natural wonders of Vietnam. The Halong Bay junk also helps an individual to have a good trip that many of the people don't forget. Visiting Halong Bay is usually one of the best experiences since it helps a person to have the scenery. There are also many activities which the tourists can enjoy while being in the Halong bay like mountain climbing, biking, kayaking. That's the reason behind it why Halong Bay has been considered to be one of the most beautiful areas of the world.